What We Do



Provident’s partnership for each project begins with working with all project partners and beneficiaries to ensure goals and objectives are met, with efficient access to cost-effective financing involving market-accepted terms and conditions that both ensure execution as well as flexibility and adequate risk transfer for our partners moving forward.

During the development phase, Provident’s efforts include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation and submittal of Project financing application to Conduit Issuer
  • Oversee preparation and filing of organizational documents for Special Purpose Entity
  • Active participation in negotiation and preparation of Borrower Documents and Bond Documents
  • Establish & maintain bank accounts as required under Bond Documents
  • Monitor activities of all third-party consultants and advisors to Special Purpose Entity
  • Oversee property and sales tax exemption application and process where appropriate
  • Monitor compliance with Bond Documents
  • Monitor compliance with Borrower Documents
  • Ensure appropriate books and records relating to Project are maintained
  • Monitor compliance with construction period contracts
  • Coordinate construction requisitions and monitor compliance with Borrower and Bond Documents


Provident’s partnership does not end with financial closing. We are committed to active, prudent participation on each Project for the life of the financing. Thanks to the hard work of Provident’s full-time staff of more than 25 professionals, our ongoing support of each Project is essential to its success.

For the life of the financing, Provident’s asset management efforts include, but are not limited to: